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Rules & Guidelines

  1. Compatible age groups must play on the unit at the same time. Age groups should not be mixed. Different sized children should not be mixed.

  2. inflatables will not be set up outside if it is predicted to be colder than 45 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Inflatables will not be set up in the snow.

  3. Inflatable structures are designed for children and not recommended for adults.

  4. The maximum number of children on an inflatable structure is as follows:​​

    • Ages 2-8 years old= 8 children​

    • Ages 9-13 years old = 6 children

    • Ages 14-17 years old = 4 children

  5. No shoes, jewelry, glasses, and other harmful articles are allowed in the unit.

  6. No flips or somersaults on the bounce house rental.

  7. No food or drinks inside or near the inflatable structure.

  8. Do not tape or fasten anything to the structure.

  9. Children must be supervised at all times, please explain all rules to children before use.

  10. No Silly string, The silly string damages the vinyl. Extra charges will be incurred.


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